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Hacked! iOS 12 Lock Screen Bypass

It seems like every new iteration of iOS opens a security hole to allow a hacker to bypass the lock screen without knowing the password. The same appears to be true for iOS 12. The flaw was originally posted to YouTube by Jose Rodriguez on his Videosdebarraquito...

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Avoid Breaking Your Smartphone

Phone manufacturers keep making their screens out of tougher and tougher materials. Every year or two, there’s a new Gorilla Glass that’s supposed to make your phone nearly indestructible. But without fail, the tougher phones become, the harder we are on ’em....

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In Case of Emergency, Have these Apps

Smartphones allow us to stay prepared for emergencies. Whether you're lost, in need or medical aid, caught in a active shooter situation, or stuck in a natural disaster, there are numerous apps that can be used to help keep you safe. We'll break these down by...

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SSR Phone Pricing

We’re sometimes asked why our phones cost more than similar devices sold on Facebook markets and eBay. Last week, when asked about this, I promised to write a short explanation with my next post. So, here it is! We try to make $75-150 dollars per phone sale. For the...

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How to Break Smartphones

Uh oh! You dropped your phone again, and it wasn't safely enclosed in an OtterBox case. That crack across your screen isn’t pretty. We’ve seen this happen time and time again. Smartphones have never been sturdy, and there’s plenty of products —hard phone cases and...

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Grounded: Lithium-Ion Batteries

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has prohibited the transport of lithium-ion batteries on passenger aircraft. Lithium-ion batteries, like those used in consumer electronics such as cell phones and laptops, have been identified as a fire risk. Damage...

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Dude, Where’s My iPhone?

Your iPhone is more than a toy (though it’s definitely that, too). It’s also a lifeline when emergencies arise, and an expensive device to replace if it’s lost for good. Sooner or later, we’re all going to lose one, even if it’s just for a few minutes. But you can...

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Mail-in Repair

We are happy to offer Mail-In Repair services. For just an additional $10 shipping charge, you can mail your device to us, and once it is repaired we will mail it back to you good as new!


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