#WiggleWiggleWiggle (don’t do it)

June 6, 2016

Find yourself having to wiggle your charger in your phone? Stop! You’re probably ruining your charge port.

So often, we have customers come in with damaged charge ports and say, “I’ve been wiggling to make it work for the last few months.”

If you’re needing to wiggle your charge cord into your phone port, one of three things is happening. We’ll list them here in order of likelihood:

  1. Dust or pocket lint have collected in your charge port. Every time you plug your phone in, more debris gets stuffed into the bottom of your phone. While you can use a “special device”—Apple’s nickname for a paper clip—to clean out this debris, this activity could also cause further damage to your phone. 
  1. Your charge port is failing. This can indirectly be caused by #1. Micro-USB ports are easily damaged, so wiggling your phone charger—or inserting foreign objects—can result in additional wear and tear.
  1. You have a bad charge cable, brick, or a bad power outlet. We can’t help you with a wall outlet at your house (call Electrical Detectives for that). However, we can make sure you avoid purchasing bad equipment. To save money, many people prefer to buy cheaper cables or bricks. The thought process with this is that the name brand is just more expensive than the off-brand version; however, in this case, always use chargers that are made with manufacturer’s certification. 

If there’s just enough lint to blow out your charge port with canned air, go for it. but if that’s not doing the trick, bring it to us. Usually, we just have to move debris from the charge port. But if your port needs to be replaced, we can do that too.

Luckily, most of these problems are easy to fix, but they aren’t something we can diagnose over the phone. Bring it in, and we promise we’ll have you (and your phone) back to normal in no time.


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