Avoid Breaking Your Smartphone

Four Easy Steps for Protecting Your Phone

Phone manufacturers keep making their screens out of tougher and tougher materials. Every year or two, there’s a new Gorilla Glass that’s supposed to make your phone nearly indestructible. But without fail, the tougher phones become, the harder we are on ’em. Fortunately, there are some tried and true ways to keep you from damaging your phone. Read on for 4 damage prevention tips. 

  1. Buy a good case. Okay, so this seems like a no-brainer. But from our experience, most people don’t buy a case until they have to pay for a screen repair (we sell A LOT of a cases to folks who come in for repairs). But here’s the rub: Not all cases are made equal. Many cute cases are very flimsy, and do little to protect your phone. The best cases are those that have an inner soft and rubberized layer, with a harder plastic later around it. We sell just such a case: the Otterbox Symmetry. To us, it’s the perfect blend of size and protection. It will survive most drops, but is thin enough so your phone will still fit in your pocket.
  2. Install tempered glass. Okay, again, this seems obvious (and self-serving, because we also sell A LOT of tempered glass). But it’s cheap, it’s thin, and when paired with a good case, it’s as close to indestructible as your phone can reasonably get. And if you’ve bought your tempered glass from us, we’ll replace it when it cracks for only $10. If you’re not buying from us, look for tempered glass that has 9H hardness. That’s the gold standard.
  3. Pick clothing with good pockets. Good front pockets can save you from accidentally dropping your phone (and also keep you from constantly looking at your phone while walking, which is another hazard we commonly see). Even if you do have pockets that can fit a phone, here’s a super-important tip – don’t put it in your back pocket! You can seriously damage your phone by sitting on it. And if you make a habit of putting your phone in your back pocket, then it’s just a matter of time before something happens to it.
  4. Get a phone holder for your car. One of the most common stories we hear is, “My phone was sitting in my lap, and when I got out of the car, it fell face-first on the concrete!” Yeah, that’s happened to all of us. But the solution is easy. Get a phone holder for your car, and put your phone there every time you get in. Voila! Your phone stays out of your lap, and your screen stays intact.

That’s it for now. We can’t guarantee you won’t find some other creative ways to smash your phone. But if you do, we’ll be here to fix it. But take these four damage prevention steps, and your phone has a good chance of surviving the entire upgrade cycle.


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