How to Break Smartphones

Aug 16, 2016

Uh oh! You dropped your phone again, and it wasn’t safely enclosed in an OtterBox case. That crack across your screen isn’t pretty. We’ve seen this happen time and time again. Smartphones have never been sturdy, and there’s plenty of products —hard phone cases and tempered glass screen protectors—to keep them together. However, those screens are still fragile and aren’t made to withstand contact with concrete, rocks, stairs, water…. Basically, they’ll hold up to the cotton lining in your pocket, but that’s about it. Here are the most common ways we’ve seen customers break smartphones:

  1. Texting while walking. Your mom sent you another message about Sunday’s dinner, and you pull out your phone to send her a quick update about your date’s gluten-free diet. Of course, you weren’t watching where you were going, and … oops. You just tripped down the stairs, bruising your ego and cracking your phone’s new screen.
  2. Dropping it while getting into (or out of) your car. Yep, you were trying to multi-task when you got into your car this morning, balancing your phone, keys, and coffee mug while you opened the front door, and … crash. The phone falls on the driveway beside your car. We’ve seen it the opposite way too, though, as even Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham can attest. You keep your phone in your lap while you’re driving (but you weren’t texting, obviously, since it’s illegal in Illinois) and, in your hurry to beat the line into Dunkin Donuts, hop straight of the car. The noise of glass breaking causes you to remember where your phone is.
  3. It fell in the toilet/sink/bathtub. The number of bathroom-related phone accidents is on the rise, with water as the number-one culprit. Raise your hand if you’ve ever put your phone in your back pocket and then went to the bathroom. Unless you grabbed it just in time, we know where it went. Maybe you were smarter this time and placed it on the counter before you went. But the countertop was wet, covering your phone with water, or your phone slipped into the sink before you could grab it. Heck, we’ve even heard of people who accidentally brushed the phone into the tub or shower while binge-watching Stranger Things (OMG, what an amazing show).
  4. You snagged the charging port or cable. Really, this one isn’t on you. For some reason, manufacturers resist making longer charging cables and snagging the port/cable from the phone usually results in dropping said phone on the floor. Why is it these cables aren’t longer? This one’s on you, Apple!


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