Hacked! iOS 12 Lock Screen Bypass

November 1, 2018

It seems like every new iteration of iOS opens a security hole to allow a hacker to bypass the lock screen without knowing the password. The same appears to be true for iOS 12.

The flaw was originally posted to YouTube by Jose Rodriguez on his Videosdebarraquito channel. The video, which is in Spanish, showed Rodriguez bypassing the lock screen using Siri to activate Voiceover, then sending a text message from another phone, double-tapping at just the right moment, and, well… it looked complicated.

To be fair, Rodriguez is an expert who’s been exposing security flaws for many years. But, the point is, the hack was doable. And it required no special equipment – just a phone and a little patience.

Rodriguez appeared to perform the hack on an iPhone 8, but using the same technique, EverythingApplePro was able to recreate the hack on an iPhone XS Max.

Don’t despair too much. A potential hacker would need physical access, and a few minutes alone with the phone to perform the hack. So, you’re not going to get hacked with the phone in your pocket.

Fortunately, John E. Dunn with Naked Security points out that bypass hack can be prevented by disabling the Siri lock screen access. Here’s how ya do that:

Settings > Face ID & Passcode or Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > disable Allow access when locked.


This hack was supposedly patched by iOS 12.1. However, two days ago, Rodriguez showed yet another way to bypass the 12.1 lock screen.

Apple will surely have this patched soon. By default, iOS 12 allows automatic security updates.


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