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FAQ, Education, Technology, News | Feb 21, 2017

We’re sometimes asked why our phones cost more than similar devices sold on Facebook markets and eBay. Last week, when asked about this, I promised to write a short explanation with my next post. So, here it is!

We try to make $75-150 dollars per phone sale. For the extra $75-150 dollars, here’s what our customers get:


1. Knowledgeable service

Before, during, and after the sale. Never worry about whether you’re buying the right phone for your service carrier. Our staff will make sure that the phone you’re buying will work with the service you want. Likewise, we can help our customers get their photos and contacts backed up and transferred to their new device.

2. Convenience

Never wait for shipping, or meet a seller on a parking lot. We have two location in Southern Illinois, where you can come in, and get the friendly help you deserve.

3. Peace of mind

All SSR phones come with a one-year warranty from Warranty Life. If your phone malfunctions within the first year, bring it in, and we’ll either fix the problem or replace the phone.



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